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September Newsletter

Sep. 4th, 2006 | 12:55 pm
posted by: homeroomangel in pictures_pdx

Our first newsletter is now available on the website. This is the newsletter for September--we're a little late in getting it out, but we figured it's ok since it's the first one and a holiday weekend anyway.

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Club News

Aug. 22nd, 2006 | 09:09 pm
posted by: homeroomangel in pictures_pdx

Hey guys--

Well, although Sia and I have been silent for some time, we have not forgotten our awesome Photo Club Friends! Both of us have had some crazy life issues but we're back at it and looking forward to getting out and shooting up a storm.

In addition to our new meeting format (see the website for details on this), we have started a Yahoo!Group to better facilitate communication.

Please join if you wish to receive email notification of upcoming events and other club business.

Click here to join pdxphotoclub
Click to join pdxphotoclub


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Tonight's Meeting

Jul. 1st, 2006 | 11:10 am
posted by: homeroomangel in pictures_pdx

Hello all,

Tonight's club meeting has been cancelled. Neither Sia nor I are feeling quite up to getting out to the library this evening. As an alternative, I might suggest that you take you camera, $8, and two cans of food down to the waterfront and enjoy the blues festival.

We'll be talking about the equipment every photographer needs at our next meeting, the first Saturday in August. Stay tuned for updates regarding this month's field trip.


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Jun. 16th, 2006 | 07:21 pm
posted by: homeroomangel in pictures_pdx

Field Trip: Saturday, June 17

Subject: Trains
Time: 9:00am to 11:00am
Details: We will be meeting at the Denny's at NE Grand and Hassalo (the address is 425 N.E. HASSALO ST. PORTLAND,OR if you want to Mapquest it) at 9:00am for coffee and a headcount. We will depart from the Denny's as a caravan to our super-awesome (and semi-secret) railroad shooting location. Once there you're on your own--shoot what you want for as long as you want and head on out when you're done.
Things to bring: Camera, tripod, film/digital media, batteries, etc. While dressing for whatever weather the day brings, keep in mind that we may be doing a slight amount of walking through blackberry bushes, so it would be wise to wear jeans and tennis shoes or boots. Also, trains/railroad tracks are excellent subjects for black and white photography, so you may want to bring B&W film (if you use film).

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Meeting Reminder: May 6th

May. 4th, 2006 | 10:40 pm
posted by: lucidlotus in pictures_pdx

Hello all!

Our next meeting is Saturday, May 6th from 4:30p-5:45p.

We will have a brief discussion about portrait photography and the location for our May 20th field trip.

If you participated in the shadow assignment, including the pseudo-contest Jamie mentioned in previous posts and at the April meeting, you are absolutely welcome to bring your results to share. Any determinations regarding the contest will have to wait until our meeting in June as Jamie will be unable to attend on Saturday.

For those of you who are joining us for the first time, please feel free to bring in 2-3 photos as an introduction.

Juice and a snacky-type food will be provided.

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April 1st Meeting Minutes

Apr. 2nd, 2006 | 11:49 am
posted by: homeroomangel in pictures_pdx

Topics Covered
My notes for our lesson on shadows can be found on our website. It was a short lesson, and the notes do go a bit more in-depth than we did during the meeting, so they're definitely worth checking out.

For this month, I have set an assignment/challenge. The challenge is to go out and take "shadow" or "silhouette" photos. There isn't much in the way of rules, just be sure that the shadow or silhouette is clearly the subject of the photo, and try to be creative. You may bring as many challenge-related photos to our May meeting as you wish. It should be really fun to see each person's take on the concept of shadow photography. PERHAPS we will vote for our favorite...and PERHAPS there will be a prize or two involved...

Field Trip
This month's field trip is currently set for the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant Visitor's center. As many of you probably know, the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant was a working plant up until a few years ago. The cooling tower still stands, and the old visitor's center is open for those who'd like to observe a bit of Northwest history. However, the cooling tower is scheduled to be imploded this spring and may be all but forgotten. It is for this reason that Sia and I have decided that it is worth a field trip in spite of being a bit further out of town than we'd usually like to go. The visitor's center is a beautiful park that affords many shooting opportunities as well as a view of the cooling tower.

For those who are unable to drive that far out of town but would like to go, some form of carpooling may be organized. If that's something you'd be interested in taking advantage of or helping out with, please comment here.

More details on the field trip will be provided soon.

Mailing List
We are starting an email mailing list/newsletter. We'll probably send out 1-2 emails per month with reminders and other news. If you'd like to be included in our mailings, please email me or catch me at the next meeting and let me know.

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Meeting Reminder

Mar. 31st, 2006 | 09:07 pm
posted by: homeroomangel in pictures_pdx

Hello everyone. Our next meeting is tomorrow, April 1st (and that's no joke!). We will be discussing shadows. Bring your pictures from the field trip to Crystals Springs Rhododendron Garden and macro experimentation if you have them.

For those of you who haven't joined us before, please feel free to bring in 2-3 photos by way of introduction.

As usual, snacks will be provided.

More info on meeting time & location can be found on our website.

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Field trip results?

Mar. 18th, 2006 | 10:25 pm
posted by: homeroomangel in pictures_pdx

Well, I enjoyed today's trip to the Rhododendron Garden. There were a few early blossoms, I think the park will be even more beautiful in the coming weeks, so those of you who weren't able to make it today still have several weeks to check it out.

For those who were able to make it, I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures at our next meeting (April 1st @ Holgate Library). If you have any shots you'd be willing to contribute to our website (you will retain all rights to the images, of course), please email them to me:


If you want a watermark or other any other modifications made to your pictures, please make those changes yourself to ensure they're to your liking.

All members of the group are always welcome to post any pictures they wish to the community.

Thanks again to all who came out bright and early this morning, I'm excited to see the results.

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Reminder--next meeting

Mar. 17th, 2006 | 11:35 pm
posted by: homeroomangel in pictures_pdx

Sorry I'm so late in posting this reminder!

Our next meeting is tomorrow--our field trip to the Rhododendron Garden. Details on the location are listed on our website's Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden page.

We will be meeting at 8:30 am in the parking lot. There is no set ending time, so we'll all just come and go as we wish.

This is really a great location, and the flowers should be blooming nicely this time of year.

Weather for 3/18/06
Cloudy with a few showers.
High 49F. Chance of rain 30%.

The clouds are good news--less direct light means less chance of shadows getting in the way of great shots!

We hope to see you all there!


Edit: Well, oops, it looks like Sia beat me to it this time! Oh well, I guess you can tell we're both really looking forward to tomorrow.

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Field Trip: Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

Mar. 17th, 2006 | 11:07 pm
posted by: lucidlotus in pictures_pdx

Hi everyone!

Don't forget that tomorrow, Saturday March 18th, 2006 is our first field trip. We are planning to arrive at 8:30am. It is being held at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden near Reed College.

Detailed information about the park can be found at http://www.pdxphotoclub.com (look for the "Calendar" link).

Some quick tidbits:

The park is open from dawn to dusk.
The park information states starting in March they will be requiring a $3.00 fee from the hours of 10am - 6pm. Keep this in mind when deciding what time you wish to come.

The weather is looking to be rain with sun breaks so be sure to bring an umbrella and/or some type of covering to keep your camera dry!

One economical idea is to take clear, plastic quart storage-type bags, cut a hole in the bottom, then put it on your camera. Make sure the edge of the plastic bag doesn't overhang the edge of your lens in such a way that it'll get in any pictures, then secure it with a rubber band or hair tie. This may afford some protection from raindrops without costing too much.

A tripod, though sometimes cumbersome, is always a good tool to have. Bring one if you have it, you may find you need it!

Do not feed the ducks bread products. I have read and heard that feeding the squirrels unsalted peanuts is permissible and that sometimes snacks can be purchased at the entrance for wildlife feeding and/or luring them into a more photogenic stance or area.

You are welcome to come at any time and stay for as long or as little as you like. This month's theme was Macro/Close-up shots and it may be worthwhile to practice that technique at the Garden. This is in no way a requirement though.

The Garden should offer a diverse palette of photo opportunities. You can often see wildlife such as birds, squirrels and sometimes muskrats/nutria. It is a bit early for many rhododendrons but we are hoping that the early bloomers will be starting to bud/bloom and that the cherry blossoms will add some color. There are also a few waterfalls as well as the lake/pond area with picturesque bridges.

Finally, at least one of us will be there, rain or shine, so I we see you there!

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